Northern youths in Abuja on the run as the ban on Codeine and Tramadol becomes unbearable.

Whomever that cannot withstand the heat of the kitchen can only be advised to leave the kitchen. It wasn’t long that the Nigerian government placed ban on the two popular killer and addictive hard drugs and closing some pharmaceutical companies involved in the importation of Codeine and Tramadol than some of the Northern youths who need those drugs for their daily activities started relocating the central areas.

As at the time we got the report, a greater number of these youths have  move out of turn in their hundreds.

Recall that the Federal government of Nigeria under the ministry of health banned these drugs few days ago due to their dangerous effects in the lives of our youths.

Read also, the reactions of many Nigerians agains the bans on codeine and Tramadol .

Finally, even though many have fled the city, there are still records of those who still indulge in the acts.



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